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Donald Thigpen, RN, BSN, LNC

Capitalize on the diverse experience of our principal consultant: pre-hospital care, nursing standards and practice, hospital operations and management, and Biomedical Informatics/Health Information Technology such as Electronic Health Records and Clinical Decision Support Systems.

With experience that ranges from providing pre-hospital care as an EMT-Paramedic to critical care nursing and hospital management, we provide a range of medicolegal consulting services along with specializing in Biomedical Informatics: the intersection of computers and healthcare.

Coupled with a strong analytical ability, his education and training in nursing, biomedical informatics, and digital forensics makes him uniquely suited to consult on these specialized cases.

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Experience Highlights:

- Over 20 years of healthcare experience both in and out-of-hospital.
- Point-of-care experience with multiple EHR and CDS systems.
- Legal Nurse Consultant training and work experience.

Educational CV:
- Currently pursuing a Master of Science in Biomedical Informatics
- Graduate Certificate in Biomedical Informatics (UTHSC)
- Bachelor of Science in Nursing (WTAMU)

What is Biomedical Informatics?

Defining Biomedical Informatics can often be a challenge given the many versions of informatics specialties that exist and the crossover from one specialty to the next. Medical informatics, bioinformatics, and health informatics are all closely related yet possess minute differences from one discipline to the next.

While informatics is used as a generalized term related to data storage, retrieval, and its related science, Biomedical Informatics serves to fuse the informatics and healthcare realms in an effort to optimize data use, scientific inquiry, and empower decision makers in an effort to improve human health. Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDS Systems) are two examples of how Biomedical Informatics have been applied to healthcare.

Take a look at this excellent video for a brief overview!

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