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    See what EHR Liability Consultants can do for your firm

    Providing a wide range of legal nurse consulting services, including case screening, establishing standards of care, or chronology and narrative development, our consultants are here for you. Our consultants are well qualified to provide the services your firm needs.
    • LNC Services
    • Biomedical Informatics
    • Liability Evaluation
    • Case screening and standards of care assessment
    • Medical chronology and development
    • Organizing and summarizing records
    • Medical timeline
    • Provider mining
    • Retention of medical experts
    • Adverse event analysis
    • Literature search
    • Demonstrative evidence
    • Audit trails and metadata investigations
    • Documentation strategies and discrepancies
    • EHR user errors
    • EHR alert issues and alert fatigue
    • Issues with Clinical Decision Support Systems
    • Failure to follow Best Practice Alerts
    • The presence and use of workarounds
    • System/technology failure, including software glitches
    • Paper to EHR conversion issues
    • EHR and HIT liability evaluation for your organization or clinic
    • EHR and telemedicine contract review